Welcome to Bless Kids

Everyone and everything is blessed.

The first pre-school environment that the parents choose for their kids is very significant since it is the FIRST STEP that the children take to explore the outside world without their parents to guide them and THE STEP that builds the very FOUNDATION, setting the tune for learning for the years. Early childhood learning program is the most important phase of life because almost 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 5 years and thus the need to make the most of the early years to shape the future of a child, to shape it when it can be shaped, in a right way and with the right values as blessings.

We understand that is has been a great challenge to find the right pre-school for your child and we thank the parents all over India for their valued trust in Bless Kids pre-school programs. Bless Kids is a unique pre-school program offering the kids a blissful learning environment to help nurture their blessed skills resulting in an all-round growth, natural and graceful. A blissful environment, where a rose can grow as a rose, a lotus can grow as a lotus and a sunflower as a sunflower, in their entirely perfect individual beauty.

A blissful environment where a preschool kid interested in pictures can dream and grow to become a photographer, a kid interested in singing and music can dream and grow to become a musician, a child interested in building blocks can dream and grow to become an engineer, a learning campus where anyone can dream and realize. A blissful preschool environment, offering a spirit of freedom, valuable support, encouragement and guidance to help nurture and blossom the kids to their perfect individual beauty so they can bless the entire humanity some day with their individual creative skills.

Bless Kids, promoted by Bless Education is an international, early childhood learning program developed by KIDS themselves, observed and compiled by the senior educators after years of research and development. Bless Kids is a growing chain of pre-schools in India offering play group, nursery and Kindergarten level of the early childhood learning programs with the highest priority given to the right cultural and social values, care, love and protection during the essential learning process of the tender growing up years.

The highly experienced educators at Bless Kids endeavour to provide an exciting, fun filled, safe and non-competitive environment for the preschool kids, a learning campus filled with love, warmth, care and kindness where every child can realize, learn, grow and develop their individual potential blissfully through rich variety of activities. The children at Bless kids are blessed by their Gurus- teachers with a perfectly balanced overall growth environment needed for the development of a healthy body, mind and soul, including all the important aspects of the growing up years - Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical and Social.

We welcome children at Bless kids franchisee preschools in India and all over the globe to be a part of the unique early childhood learning program, to get the blessings of Gurus, to enjoy the fun filled growing years and to experience the learning Bliss !