About Us

Bless Kids, promoted by Bless Education, is an international early childhood learning program. Bless Kids is a growing chain of pre-schools in India offering play group, nursery and Kindergarten level of the early childhood learning programs with the highest priority given to the right cultural and social values, care, love and protection during the essential learning process of the tender growing up years.

Bless Education is a New Delhi based organization, registered with the government and being managed by a team of senior educators and the school management professionals. The team specializes in the early childhood learning management and has a minimum individual experience of 14 years in the Indian education sector.


To offer a high quality, affordable early childhood learning program in a blissfully natural environment to enable an all-round, holistic, all inclusive growth in kids.


To employ simple, easier learning techniques with the most balanced and scientifically advanced pre-school curriculum of integrated early childhood learning methodologies to help children realize their true individual potential.

Bless Education model of early childhood education program includes valuable support from the parents, educators and the entire concerned society.

You are welcome to contact Bless education at: info@blesskids.in