Bless Kids Pre-school Admissions

Bless Kids offers online Pre-school admission enquiry facility for the parents of nursery school kids, play group school kids and kindergarten school children. The parents can enquire for pre-school admission in nursery school classes, admissions in play group school – toddlers program and admissions in LKG and UKG - Kindergarten school classes in any of the Bless Kids preschool franchise branches in India.

After receiving the enquiry for preschool admission from the parents, Bless Kids will reply on the preschool admission availability status, school admission guidance, pre-school admission requirements, admission eligibility for children, pre-school fees, pre-school facilities, preschool syllabus / curriculum and other complete admission information by email or telephone within 16 working hours.

Parents are welcome to send the preschool admissions enquiry through following admission enquiry form :

Bless Kids Pre-school Admission Enquiry Form

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