After School Activities

1. Regular Programs:

The rich variety of after school activities for school children at Bless Kids offer a perfect mixture of celebrating social events, wide variety of thinking and reasoning activities, learning with experiments, performing arts, crafts and cultural activities, computer-based and simple technical games, educational videos for children, storytelling, languages and creative animation etc.

These after school activities for pre school kids at Bless Kids help the children develop talents, demonstrate natural abilities, express creativeness and at the same time make the preschool children more confident, joyous and socially active with development of interpersonal skills. Celebrating a birthday, festival, event or any occasion can work magic, simple entertainment activities like puppet shows and magic shows or a game can be a great learning experience for preschool kids, learning a musical instrument, dance, drama or drawing can be blissful nurturing of the entire creative spirit of a child at Bless Kids.

The after school activities for pre-school children, play group kids, nursery school children and kindergarten - LKG & UKG school students at Bless Kids include: theatre - drama, painting, music - singing and instrumental, dance, drawing, arts, language - creative speaking and listening skills, Yoga, Kids - Gym, safety and hygiene skills, creative play with safe toys and gadgets, imaginative science fun and logical mathematics fun projects and others.

2. Summer Camps:

Bless Kids organizes special short duration summer camps for preschool kids during the summer vacations period at the school. These outdoor / indoor summer camps for pre-school children are an ideal fun based activities camps for prep school kids to develop skills and hobbies on basic levels according to their individual interests. These summer vacation camps are based on wide variety of subjects, activities and skills development programs and are conducted by the experts.