Pre-School Curriculum

Early childhood learning: Bless Kids Curriculum

Early childhood learning and the curriculum employed for the learning process is the most important part of early years because the research on brain development has established the fact that 90% of the brain is developed by the age of 5 years and thus is the need to make the most of the early years to shape the future of a child when it can be shaped. A good preschool curriculum like the Bless Kids curriculum which enables the preschool children to learn naturally at their own individual pace can help in offering the maximum potential for the overall development and healthy growth of preschool children because every child has his or her own pace of learning.

The Bless Kids preschool learning curriculum aims at providing a natural blissful learning environment for an all round growth and development of healthy body, mind & soul by employing the proven, simple and effective preschool learning techniques.

The play school curriculum, nursery school curriculum and the kindergarten school curriculum offers a perfectly balanced overall growth environment with holistic approach including all the important aspects of the growing up years - Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical and Social.

The Bless Kids modern preschool learning curriculum includes multiple activities and development of life skills such as physical, language, social-emotional, cognitive, reasoning, self help, gross and fine motor. The skills are integrated through music, dance, art, movement, games, play activities, toys, interactions, puzzles, books, social events, festivities celebrations, vocabulary, awareness and fun sheets etc.

Bless Kids curriculum ensures an active participation of the parents and offers an effective experimental hands on learning where kids are encouraged to discover, experiment, think, do reasoning, apply simple logics, solve the problems, express themselves and learn through natural curiosity and lively interaction, at their own individual pace.


The Bless Kids curriculum includes the best of integrated methodologies including the proven play way, Montessori and Multiple intelligence methodologies, the well segmented and classified curriculum ensures an effective implementation of all the learning programs in a naturally adaptive manner.

The integrated methodology approach offers a well balanced and an ideal learning environment where each methodology is designed to support the another and forms a chain of learning fundamentals in an easier way.